1623 Broadway Street, Superior, WI

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1623 Broadway Street, Superior, WI

Havana's MEnu


Pressed Sandwiches

All sandwiches served with chips and a pickle spear.

  • Cubano 14

    Carved ham, mojo pork, swiss, dill pickles, yellow mustard, citrus garlic, mojo sauce.

  • Creuben 14

    Carved ham, mojo pork, swiss, pickled red cabbage, house 1000 island dressing.

  • Bocas Inferno 🔥 14

    Carved ham, mojo pork, pepper jack cheese, jalapenos, habanero garlic aioli.

  • Verano Pork 15

    Pulled mojo pork, cuban slaw, scratch made agave bbq sauce, dill pickles, shredded jack cheese

  • Beefy Blue 16

    Tender sliced beef, blue cheese crumbles, caramelized onions, horseradish mayo.

  • Ropa Vieja 16

    Stewed chuck roast with olives, bell peppers, onions, tomato sauce and Spanish seasonings.

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu 14

    Roasted pulled chicken, carved ham, swiss, fresh arugala, dijon mustard, garlic aioli.

  • Northerners Philly 16

    Tender sliced roast beef, roasted bell peppers and onions, melted queso, garlic aioli.


Tacos served on flour tortillas, two per order. 

Make any taco a bowl with beans and rice for $2 more. 
(Corn Tortillas available on request)

Side Dishes

  • Mojo Pork 11

    Spiced mojo pulled pork, shredded jack cheese, pico de Gallo, pickled red onion, avocado ranch, cilantro, lime wedge.

  • Chipotle Chicken 11

    Roasted pulled chicken, shredded jack cheese, pico de gallo, pickled red cabbage, chipotle ranch, cilantro, lime wedge.

  • Diablo Chicken 🔥 12

    Roasted pulled chicken, cotija cheese, street corn, hot cheeto dust, jalapeno cilantro, habanero garlic aioli, lime wedge.

  • Ropa Vieja 12

    Shredded beef, cotija cheese, white onion, avocado crema, cilantro, lime wedge.

  • Kickin' Shrimp 13

    Season Baked Shrimp, citrus apple slaw, white onion, chili mayo, cilantro, cotija cheese, lime wedge.

*All menu items are subject to state and local sales taxes.
*Credit card transactions subject to a 3 percent fee.